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Created in 2004, Quinta das Águias is a project for the development, promotion, and implementation of a sustainable lifestyle, in harmony with nature. Not just a retreat for a vacation or a weekend away, Quinta das Águias has quickly embraced its place as an animal sanctuary. It is now home to over 130 animals, who live their lives here free from suffering. Quinta das Águias is also a sanctuary for biodiversity, where plants are valued for their medicinal and culinary use, and for contributing to the diversity of wildlife.

Located at the centre of Viana do Castelo (district area), in the heart of northern Minho, the municipality of Paredes de Coura has 16 parishes and a population of 9198. With a variety of magnificent sceneries and locations, the highest point in the municipality, 883 metres high, sits in the area of Corno do Bico, a protected landscape. With over 500 years of history, Paredes de Coura is dynamic, young, and innovative, and it aims for culture, education, economy, and the conservation of nature as means for a long-lasting and sustainable future.

In Portugal, the number of animals who need a home is far superior to the number of families who are willing to adopt them. For this reason, thousands of animals are born and live on the streets without proper food or basic healthcare, and eventually die from hunger, illness, or mistreatment.
Animais de Rua’s goal is to sterilize these animals, thereby controlling the population of stray animals, minimizing their suffering and improving their quality of life.

Paredes de Coura Vegetariana

Since the first congress in 2015, we’ve witnessed some major changes in the world concerning food choices. There’s a growing number of people
more aware of the impact their food choices have on their health, the planet and animal welfare. At the same time, science and the industry are investing more and more resources in sustainable solutions. We hope to see you in Paredes de Coura during these two very rewarding days!

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