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Maria Pinto Teixeira


About The Speaker

Maria Pinto Teixeira

General Manager of Animais de Rua

Prior to working in animal welfare, Maria was a lawyer in her home city of Porto, Portugal. From an early age she volunteered for a number of animal protection organisations and in 2008, she left legal practice and founded Associação Animais de Rua (AdR). Maria has seen Animais de Rua grow from its TNR roots in Porto to one of the most recognised and respected animal welfare organisations in Portugal. AdR works with local authorities, veterinarians, communities and NGOs to address Portugal’s cat and dog population problems. To date AdR has sterilised over 30,000 animals nationwide and runs successful fostering and adoption programmes, school education programmes and public awareness campaigns.

Junte-se a nós de 27 a 29 de setembro de 2019.