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Susana Guimarães


About The Speaker

Susana Guimarães

Herbalist, photographer, co-founder of the NGO Reflorestar Portugal

In the last ten years, Susana has followed and collaborated with the movement of permaculture in Portugal, observing, participating and trying to understand how to create a better, more positive future. Following the atrocious wildfires that devastated the centre of Portugal in 2017, Susana co-founded the project Reflorestar Portugal (Reforesting Portugal). This is an association that started from the dream to see the Portuguese forests reborn through regenerative practices. The team’s actions go towards empowering local communities and projects as the vehicle to fulfil a mission to increase the human ability to cooperate for the regeneration of planet Earth and Humanity itself.

Junte-se a nós de 27 a 29 de setembro de 2019.